Monday, November 24, 2014

week 18

hello one and all!

This week was really quite swell. We went over to a less active member's house and did some service for her than made some Roti.  It was delicious and maybe it was mostly because the chicken we ate had been killed that morning. I'm still a little sad that I was unfortunately not there to see it die.  Afterwards we found some little peppers on a bush outside her house.  Word to the wise: never try tiny sketchy south american peppers... it was SO HOT! yeah that was definitely a mistake. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving today because no one really celebrates it here..since well, it isn't America...  That being the case, we did the best we could and had a Brazilian thanksgiving consisting of all you can eat buffet. It was delicious.  Not quite the same as back home but after eating I got the same food baby as I do normally.

I thought I'd share today a little background on my area here in Guyana.  This place use to be on fire with missionary work. Years ago there were 3 branches here and so much missionary work going on, they made a new district just out of our little area. The details are still blurry on exactly what happened, but ultimately the church collapsed and people moved away, leaders went inactive, and now we have one branch left in Cayenne.  For years Guyana was seen as the pit of the mission.  No one could baptize here and nothing could be done.  This year the Lord has been hastening the work and the missionaries are trying to keep up!  This week we recieved a list of 400 less active members of the church or inactive members.  (The ruins of what this place once was). Starting tonight we are initiating operation...well i dont know what to call it i dont have anything catchy yet... but for now I'll call it operation "rebuild Guyana!"  Our first plan obviously is to start with all the inactive and help them back to the church to make this place what it once was. I am very excited...I dont think there is anything more special than helping someone find their way again. Operation rebuild is a go.

Pray for us, 
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

just me and the boys
clapping roti: it's an english guyanese dish but it comes from india
I think i read something about these bad boys in like 1st grade pretty sure hes dangerous thats why i picked him up
south american peppers are a no go
Elder Belnap and I 
thanksgiving brazil style nom nom nom

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