Monday, March 2, 2015

week 32

hey y'all

Well I would love to tell you all the sweet things about Elder Chidester but I'm afraid he's not here.  There was some confusion when he was going through St Lucia so he had to spend the weekend in Martinique.  He comes in tonight so next week i'll fill you in.  

So for the week I was off with the zone leaders in Remire. Which was unfortunate because I didn't get to be in Cayenne as much as I hoped but it was still good.  Something that was sweet was Frere Smith was my mini missionary for most of the weekend, so he stayed with me all day long and taught lessons with me.  It was super fun.

I took him contacting (knocking on doors) and intially he was hesitant-he would turn to me when he got nervous talking to people but by the end he was on fire.  One girl threw out an awful excuse on why she can't meet with us and smith would not have any of it. It was something really special to be honest. 

We went to teach our investigator Manuel and during the lesson I had Smith share his conversion story.  It made me flashback to when we were initially teaching him his first lesson, and meeting him and the person he was, and then seeing him today just 4 months later as a mini missionary with me...It was a really sweet moment. 

We are wrapping up the lessons with manuel this week with his baptism is this Saturday.  We were about teaching persevering through life to return to live with God. Something that I have kept in my mind my whole mission and something I will keep for the rest of my life is this day dream that I sometimes like to share with investigators: Jesus Christ will one day stand as our advocate before God.  He will plead our case for us. Imagine how its going to feel when Jesus presents you simply; "This is Elder Sackley he has done all he can. I am proud of him."

I like to meditate on this thought and then resolve in my mind how I can get to being the person I want Christ to introduce me as.  I know this day dream can be reality for all of us. The choice is now ours to do the things to get there.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley
im gonna fry this bad boy up-like the locals! 

Elder smith banged his head and earned himself a couple staples

 Frere Smith aka my companion for the weekend just with his swaggy umbrella

No im not fat i dont know why i look so gosh dang fat.  You will be missed Elder Savage Guadelope and Elder Dayton St martin

Frere Jose fears no snake

Esthefany broke her wrist this week and you best believe i got the most real estate on the cast

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