Monday, February 23, 2015

week 31-New Changes

Well this week flew by but with lots of big news:
Firstly, Carnaval finally died off. It peaked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday but now we just have the aftermath of it. It's nice being able to go through town without worrying about people wearing clothes (or not.)  We're just thankful its over.  

Secondly, Saturday was transfer call day...and the verdict is...
With transfer calls you just get a call Saturday and you're told where you're going to be going, and who your companion will be and all that. Usually its just one of the Mission President's Assistants in the afternoon ,but if you get a call in the morning it's always from President Mehr. His calls only mean one thing: a leadership position.  So we're sitting at our desks Saturday morning studying  and the phone rings... after playing hot potatoe back and forth between Elder Smith and I, Smith loses and answers the phone... 

Elder Smith is being transferred! (which is what we assumed,) and he is headed to Remire to become zone leader!  Its deffinately well deserved (I mean he had to train me for goodness sakes).  But we were super pumped he gets to stay in French Guiana.  Elder Smith is talking to president and then his eyes get big and he hands me the phone explaining that I needed to talk to President too... So the minute I get the phone, Elder Smith starts jumping up and down and going crazy. 

"Elder Sackley how are you doing?" President says, "Well you have had a lot of successes so we're going to make you a trainer. His name is Elder Chidester.  Are you worthy?"
"yes president"
"Ok i love you and good luck"

And just like that I got thrown the curveball and now I am in the one in the Lion's den! Elder Smith continued to laugh and laugh as I wondered what in the world I had just gotten myself into. 

My feelings now? I am one of the youngest missionaries right now in the mission as there are many missionaries with 18 months or more. I am a little panicked because I'm not super sharp in french.. But my attitude towards it all is lets see what two young missionaries can do. I'm a little nervous and feel like I'm swimming in neck deep water, but I feel like we are going to rock these next couple of transfers. All I ask is for your prayers and support-we're going to need it!


Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Well i guess you could say its monsoon season
Leno made the branch president's daughter emma sit in the corner as he tried out his sketching skills
some real missionary feet
Frere Litampha and Frere Bady

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