Tuesday, February 3, 2015

week 28

First things first-GO PATS GO

ok that's all for that.  Quick carnaval update: yesterday we were headed into town to teach a lesson.  We knew  carnaval dominates main street sundays so we were going to take a different route... Once we got to the outskirts of the city we did a 180 degree turn and were out of there.  I can't believe how packed all of cayenne was!  And they were just raging the entire city-covered by a sea of crazy french people.  

(now the good stuff)

The conversion story of Frére Ephraïm:

(We were going to title this golden streams lead to golden investigator...sorry mom)

One night we were headed towards frere smiths house to teach a lesson.  Elder Smith has been holding it in for quite some time and he called for a detour.  We turned down a street and he was biking hard way ahead of me, as I was lagging behind, and that's when I passed by a guy who calls to me- "Elders Elders!" (side note: no one calls us elders here as they don't really understand what it means.)  So I slam on my breaks and this small Haitian guy runs up to me. He tells us he has been searching for us and that the Elders in Brazil said they would send his info to us but they never did.  He gave me his number and then took off telling us he would meet us the same place the next night.  

We had planned a lesson for frere Smith that night but instead we talked all about him baptizing this guy named Ephraïm..the guy we had just found.  From that day on smith was at every lesson.  

Ephraïm is amazing.  He knows the gospel better than most members.  On the day before his baptism I was sitting with him and we talked about our goals in life.  I told him my plans and than I asked him what he was going to do. With a grin on his face he said, "all the good stuff" to which I said "whats that?"

"Im going to go on a mission and get married in the temple".

I love it... "all the good stuff" It made me realize I want to be more like Ephraïm.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Eprhaïms baptism!
after the baptism 
baptism celebration
all the missionaries do here is EAT
Madison's note: ummm...where did he get these shoes?!

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