Tuesday, February 17, 2015

week 30


This week has been sweet for sure. But it's always sunny in Cayenne...

Carnaval has now hit its "peeking point" these next few days. Apparently this is when it's at its worst so we're going to just be working the outskirts of Cayenne, since the city has nothing for missionary work. 

This morning we went to the zoo. The zoo here is super sweet, all you do is walk through all the exhbits and its just throughout this big forest.  It was dumping rain so the zoo gave us some umbrellas to use throughout. So of course, we got to this monkey cage and me and Elder Moux start yelling at the monkeys and these are just the classic monkeys- (I'm going to attach a picture) but just imagine the monkey from Night At the Museum. Well one is on the cage just shaking the bars and we began to egg him on. So being the smart guy I am I try poking him with an umbrella. Right as it is in reaching distance he shot out and just rip my umbrella to shreds.  It was all funny until I got soaked the rest of the zoo tour.

Ephra├»m has been a real stud for us.  Friday he spent the entire day with us just teaching. Because he lived in Brazil, we refer to him as our weapon because he can speak Haitian creole, french and Portuguese. Lots of our investigators are Brazilian so it makes their lives a lot easier, since they can understand his Portuguese. So since we were working with him all day, we started to get really excited for him-and began discussing him going on a mission. He talked about going on a mission a year from now. 

I think that recent converts have the most powerful testimony.  Yes they are usually simple, sometimes just a couple seconds long-but what they say is so precious, you can just feel that it's real in the sense that they aren't stale in their feelings of the gospel. It is fresh in their minds rather than a faded experience. I just love it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a recent convert invite someone to church or bear testimony.

transfer calls this Saturday: pray I get to stay in Cayenne! This place is too great to leave so soon.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

ps: my shoes that i wore for the baptism were gifts from a member named frere bady i have sent pictures of him before he hooked me up

estfany is my valentine
me and my guy Boye Steele he says hes from america he has an american accent and he says he use to run it with flavor flav

check out this little guy

elder smith carrier me from lesson to lesson on his handle bars

i dont know what they teach the kids in school here but does that not look like a KKK costume?

i made a little friend

the snakes were all in cages i put my finger in and petted one but not this bad boy


aint she a beauty?
Elder smith has begun 6 months till sexy as you can see

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