Monday, February 9, 2015

week 29

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First off Elder moux the lizard wrangler: 

After district meeting every Tuesday i get on my bike and I ride it behind the church because there always are huge iguanas and lizards in the sun and I like to chase them around.  I never get close to catching them but its funny anyways.  So last Tuesday I ride around and Elder Moux is on the other side of the church helping me try to  catch one.  But this time elder moux gets one to go into a bush... and pretty soon we had all the missionaries surrounding the little bush. We could see the lizard but everyone was too scared to grab it because these things are big.  After a couple minutes of jabbing the plant with sticks and lots of girly screams we sent in the Tahitian.  He shot his hand in and yanked it right out by the tail.  After all the screaming and freaking out we took turns posing with the little guy.  And as you can see he poses for the camera.

quote of the week:

"I need to change because this life I'm living... its just not a life"

Monday night we were sitting on the road waiting to meet an investigator to have a lesson, when this guy rides up to us and instantly we knew he had been drinking. He shakes our hands and says he has done something terrible and he is ready to change.  Since we are missionaries, and teach everyone-we opened up the Book of Mormon right there and started teaching.  However, he was still intoxicated so we shared a quick message and he asked us to come to his house the next day. Afterwards, he hopped back on his bike swervingly he rode away.  The next day I was on exchange in Remire montjoly.  That night Elder Smith told me they met the guy again, and his name was Manuel.  Elder Smith said Manuel had his head down the whole lesson but would talk to them throughout.  They set a baptismal date with him but it was kind of a weak acceptance.

So Thursday we went back to see him.  We called to him from the gate and the door whips open, and here he was with a big smile on his face.  He lets us in and tells us he read the chapter we gave him, (Alma 7), twice!  We sat down and had a prayer and afterwards he flipped open his book and started sharing the scriptures he loved from the chapter.  He looked at us and said "look i can change... it shows right here i can change.  I need to change because this life I'm living...its just not a life." 

I have never seen such a physical difference in anyone before.  He was so weighed down by mental and emotional things that it physcially showed before, and now he was so uplifted by this new spiritual thing that it showed. The power of the atonement was so apparent.  What a wonderful gift!  May we all use it to make this life a real one and not one that weighs us down but one that lifts us up.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Elder Moux is a fearless champion for wrangling this guy
like i said cayenne is the ugliest area in the mission
happy birthday elder smith!

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