Monday, January 26, 2015

week 27

This week was an excellent week-we had lots of great missionary work and things are going good in Cayenne.

Carnaval update:

I would like to just say I don't need more sleep on my mission...for the most part i am fine.  But from 10:30pm - 6:30am I am sleeping. That is my time.  Don't take away from my 8 hours of sleep.  So come 6 am Sunday morning I hear coming from outside:  


I tried curling up in a ball to block the noise but even through concrete walls-the music was booming.  We quickly jumped out of bed and ran outside to find that the street was covered with hundreds of people. Carnaval had a dance party all night in town and then they did a march through the city in the morning.  so here comes this huge mob and there's just a huge truck covered with people screaming unintelligible words into mics.  I still don't know the exact reason for carnaval since most people are embarrassed to talk to me about it because they know I am a missionary...So I guess the battle will wage on.

Sunday mornings can be one of the most depressing times on a mission: You work all week to get your investigators to church, as in you leave your apartment early to go search for people and than when you get to their house they are not home or they can't come. It breaks your heart every time. And then it starts all over again the next week. Personally I'm sick of getting my heart broken on Sunday mornings.

So this past Saturday comes around and me and Elder Smith decide we are not going to get beat Sunday and we start a fast.  We fasted all day and saw all our investigators throughout the day, as we taught them we reminded them the importance of Sunday.  Then Sunday morning comes around and we go and find our most progressing investigator... He walks out with a big smile on his face ready to go. (!)

Later he told us his friends came to get him to go work (which he really never gets a lot of and is always looking for) in the morning, but he told them sadly that he couldn't work because he had church to go to. After Sacrament meeting he told me he knew he made the right choice.  

We had more investigators this past Sunday than we have had in weeks and one of the less actives who use to be in the Branch presidency and is an RM came to church.  Later that day he called us and were going to see him again later this week.

Sunday mornings are from now on going to be a happy thing and something to look forward too.  We're going to keep striving to find the extra little push that will make the difference!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

I found Moses!
Moses lives in Cayenne
Carnaval go home your drunk
im going to whip something like this after the mission... sorry dad
Football team this morning aint got nothing on us

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