Wednesday, January 7, 2015

week 24

I would say something in dutch but i learned nothing,

Hello everyone.  I'm just going to throw this out there right at the get go: Thank goodness I do not have to learn Dutch!  Oh boy it was the most bizarre thing I have ever heard.  Okay here are the highlights day by day of the Suriname trip 2015.

Samedi-  We woke up at 6:30 (as usual) and ate some breakfast, then did some last minute packing and the zone leaders picked us up around 7:30.  We drove 3 hours through the jungle until we reached the border at St Laurent.  We got stamped, and drove a little down the road and found a guy to take us across the river. We arrived on the other side, got stamped into Suriname and jumped back in a car for another 3 hours to Parimaribo. We met up with the missionaries there, got some food and than there was a fireside that night.  President Mehr and Sister Mehr, as well as some leaders in Suriname spoke to us.  I had Elder Van Den Herik, an Elder from the netherlands translate it all for me.

Dimanche-  Dutch church is impossible to understand.  I feel like with spanish or french you can at least get a couple words out even if you have never learned them.  But noooo Dutch church was impossible.  I had no translator so i just sat in confusion for a good while.  That night we got to watch Meet the Mormons in english because a good part of the people could understand english.  It was a really good movie except that it just made me trunkie to play football and watching the missionary story didnt do me any favors.  

Lundi-  We got up and headed to the church for zone conference.  President Mehr taught a really cool analogy that I will now share and butcher: A  contractor  was working on a house.  He was trying to finish it as quick as possible so he could get paid.  In doing so he cut some corners.  He used tile that was good but not exactly what the family had asked for.  When he brought the family to do the walk through they noticed the faults.  Feeling bad for what he did he decided he would make it up to them by redoing the tiling the way they asked.  He went back, and re did it and then made improvements to the home.  He was so thankful for a second chance he wanted to do more than was asked.  When he did the second walk through the buyer loved it.  As the contractor walked away the buyer called to him and tossed him the keys. Saying it is yours.  As missionaries its easy to cut corners and want rewards now.  But when we go the extra mile, we find that is where the reward comes.  Because as we work we are building our mansions in heaven. Bottom Line: Dont cut corners on your own mansion!

After Zone conference we went to a roti shop and ate some delicious roti.  Than we went to Chois and spent all the money we had left.  We were like children on christmas we were so excited.

Mardi-  We got up and played sports with the Suriname elders since it was their P day.  French side vs Dutch side 4 v 4 basketball.  When they finally realized we could not be stopped at 6-0 they quit.  The first thing France has won in centuries.  Was that joke too far....?

Then car trip home and boat ride followed by more car trip. (you get the point) 

This saturday is transfer calls! cross your fingers i get to stay in Cayenne!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

the driver wanted no part in my selfie
Suriname Bound
just a typical surniame bus
boat ride
a little bit of dutch for you.  Its a mad mans language
Dutchies and Frenchies
You gotta do what you gotta do
the promise land.  The only place we can find american food.
we made it count
spoils of war
Elder Smith is a great pack mule

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