Tuesday, January 13, 2015

week 25

Transfer 4:

And the verdict.... For the first time in the President Mehr era a companionship will stay together for a 4th transfer!  Legendary.  Yes some of you are thinking does that mean elder sackley is being trained 4 transfers? Disregard that thought and go back to the word legendary and keep that one in your head instead. We were both praying that we could stay in Cayenne, but we just never thought that we would stay together.  I was talking to the assistant on the phone and he told me the news, and I just started laughing and asked him to repeat it again.  We're really happy though- we have some unfinished buisness to do and we're going to take this city by storm.

Speaking of that...

Carnvial 2015 is building up here. Yesterday we were teaching a less active and we just started hearing drums...  Loud drums.  I turn to Elder Smith and we started a little silent monologue that only comes from being together for so long, and we ended the lesson and b-lined for the door.  Clowns were flooding the street and the city was lighting up with carnival shenanigans. After seeing all of this, we got on our bikes and did our best Lance Armstrong impersonation out of there. It's going to be a big game of cat and mouse seeing that our area is cayenne where the carnival festivities are for the next few weeks.

On a totally different note, I have been thinking a lot about the year 2015, and I realized that some of the people closest to my heart will leave on missions this year.  This year will also be my black out year of the mission, meaning I do nothing but missionary work.  And honestly I am excited! So here is a little of my advice to departing missionaries: 

Firstly, realize your calling.

People always asked what do you want to be when you grow up?  And I can tell you that my anwser has never changed. I wanted to be Batman (and still do).  No I'm not referencing 7 year old me-this is 18 year old me as a senior in high school. Who wouldn't want to be a superhero?  I have always loved the idea of a higher calling, A sacrifice I make that leads to helping others or in other words, something meaningful.  I think I have found that out here.  And I think that the best advice I can give departing missionaries is realize your calling as a missionary is so much better than any superhero-including batman.  Yes I dare say that.  He can save the city for the day but it will need saving again tomorrow. He can only bring temporal freedom, whereas you as a missionary can save someone for eternity.  You can save the city forever! Give them something incorruptible like the gospel.  A standard or something to chase.

No you will not have things like; Action figures made out of you, T shirts with your name on it, Kids pretending they are you in the street, and you wont have a statue in city hall and Police shouldn't be trying to hunt you down...But your Father in Heaven will be proud of you and the work you are doing.  And that beats anything the fame of a super hero can give.  Remember who you work for, where your calling comes from, and what you bring.  And than do everything you can to be the super hero missionary your Father in Heaven knows you can be and will be.  I'm so excited to hear all your stories! You all are my example, my standard to chase after, and someone I can look up to.  I love you all a lot and can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Wannabe batman,
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

since were going on four transfers its safe to say elder smith and i are dating
I am Batman

hit this son of a gun twice with an electric racket and it still was flying
A wild sloth i tried shaking him out of the tree but that bogger was hanging on for life
don't worry, he's still alive. 

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