Tuesday, January 20, 2015

week 26 (6 months)


Looks like I will be starting my sister mission with my sister.  The first 6 months have flown by and just make me realize how short this time is in the mission. 

A little flash back:

I was sitting in the MTC watching as two missionaries went up to the front of the auditorium to share their conversion stories.  I remember sitting on the edge of my seat listening intently as two missionaries shared their conversition stories.  Both stories stuck in my mind until long after and I remember sitting in my bed that night thinking that nothing would be better than getting to play a part in someone's conversion story.

Last November Smith Carrenan got baptized and it was one of the best days of my life.  Something I never really thought through at the MTC or the day of Smith's baptism was how much joy I would find seeing them progress after baptism.

Something that I have grown to truly love is the testimony of a recent convert.  Often in the church we bear our testimonies making them very extravagant and long but I love the short simple recent-convert testimony. We love to take recent converts to lessons and sometimes right after the opening prayer they will blurt out: Read this book and pray you will know its true!  

(somedays as a missionary you just want to face palm when they say that but I see a lot more genuine love in this short burst of a testimony than I have seen almost anywhere.)

Smith has been working with the missionaries probably 4 times a week since his baptism and I can say seeing his progression after his baptism brings me the same amount of joy as it did watching him get baptized. This last Sunday he was called to be the sunday school instructor for the recent converts and investigators.  Lots of recent converts stay in that class for 5 months after their baptism then go to how to become a teacher class.  But Smith took the fast tract.

Yesterday it was Smith's first day on the job.  I sat in on the class and taught with him. It was an incredible experience because all the same feelings of joy were there. Being able to see Smith go from investigator to simple testimony to working with the missionaries every week to now teaching recent converts and investigators... Makes me really love being a missionary!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

So this is a chicken fighting house.  They dont have dog fighting here they have chicken fighting.  Im going to become the michael vick of chicken fighting
just trying to get a coconut
giving a talk at zone conference

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