Monday, December 29, 2014

week 23


Maybe I should start doing something witty in French or start with a phrase.  I'll work on it.  Wow this week was a party.  I mean it's always a party in French Guiana but it was really just a big long party all week.

Lundi, (Monday), we had the missionary celebration and we made deserts and a Christmas dinner.  And than watched the movie Frozen because lots of missionaries have not seen it yet.  Needless to say they loved it and the songs have been stuck in everyone's heads.  

Mardi (Tuesday) was a regular day at work and in the evening the branch president's wife had a birthday party so we went to their house and had cake and ice cream!

Mecredi (Wednesday) was Christmas Eve and we went and taught some lessons earlier in the day and than went to a Christmas party in the sister's area.  After that, we had a HUGE French Christmas feast at a family in our branch's house.  One of the foods we ate was blood sausage, which was...interesting.  You just suck the guts out of it like an otter pop.  Sounds nasty but it was not too bad. Then all the missionaries slept over at the zone leader's apartment.

Christmas we woke up with probably more excitement then most kids do because believe it or not santa found us in French Guiana! We unwrapped presents and then visited some new converts.  We went to the Branch President's house for food and skyping home.  Skyping home was to this day, still the weirdest experience of my mission.  I love you guys lots but man it was weird!  Then Elder Smith and I went around our area singing songs and visting less actvies and recent converts. Afterwards, we followed up by another member party at night.  

Something that I have really noticed about Christmas is the increase of love that you see around you.  We always highlight that Christ's birth is smothered by presents and Santa.  Instead we can focus on the increase in love that you can feel.  It is true that it is easy to forgot the true meaning.  But we can all feel the increase of love and that comes directly from our Savior.  In the "He is the Gift" video it says He is the Christ... He is Christmas.  

We now have a whole year until Christmas but the increase of love the spirit is there for us all year.  I love that.  Never stop searching for where Jesus is because he is everywhere you just have to look.

I won't be back on emailing until Wednesday next week.  This weekend were traveling to Suriname for zone conference!

Love you lots and Happy New Year,

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

nom nom nom elder smith is a master chef
Merry Christmas West Indian style
The Family Dabreu with all the naked children
Me and my favorite guy Lois Fabio... No one really knows where he came from he doesnt speak any french so i free style spanish with him.  Hes the biggest goofball probably top 3 favorite people i have met
christmas eve table at the family litampha
just in the christmas spirit!
blood sausage not half bad you squeeze it out of the skin
Me and my guy elder Maux 
nom nom nom
Drinks all around!
Christmas for the missionaries! 

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