Wednesday, December 10, 2014

week 20


Everyone keeps emailing me asking what it feels like to be celebrating December and Christmas down here in the islands.  I tell you what: its blazing hot and the only thing that reminds me it is December is the occassional christmas lights on someone's house.  But really though.  It has started to rain a lot more because the rain season is beginning but the rain does not quench the heat one bit.  It feels very bizarre it's already Christmas time, as all I am feeling is endless summer. This whole paragraph sounds like I am complaining but I rather enjoy the sun.  

With this time of the year the first presidency sent out a new video called "He is the gift". They asked us to share it with family and friends, so I am doing so with all of you: 

I have been thinking about this video a lot.  He is the gift.  This time of the year is crazy  and it can feel as if everything is centered around gifts.  The whole purpose behind this season however, is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  But yes, like many of can attest to it can sometimes be swallowed up in the rush and excitment of the newest phone or xbox.  But have any of us really stopped and thought what Christ would want for Christmas?  I dont think He would care for the iphone 6 or a new pair of skiis.  I think the best thing we can give Jesus is using the gift He gave us.  The Atonement not only gives us the ability to be forgiven but to be perfected.

Now I am not going to tell you what that should mean to you but what it means to me. Missionaries are not perfect people -we make mistakes and we have flaws. So I have decided this christmas I am going to give away my negativity.  Life is tough but its supposed to be.  We came here for the tough times! So why should I be negative when they come? I will start to appreciate the tough times and embrace them with positivity. We were given this life as a gift and I am going to treat it like one starting now. I will be taking every step with gratitude towards my Savior and what He did for me.  

The other gift I want to give Him is sharing the gift he gave to me.  As missionaries, we talk with everyone... or at least we try too.  We share the gift as much as we can.  But one of my biggest regrets was not doing that when I was home. Yes, I love these people here but I did not grow up with them and I have not known them for a super long time.  My challenge to you is to share the gift in whatever way you can with those around you. It doesn't have to be something huge or something grand.  But I

know that you will not regret giving someone a gift that will last forever.  

Still way too hot to be december,

Elder Logan Robert Sackley 

Like i said its hard to get member lessons you have to be creative out here

This is Mike Mastey he was baptized in the spring.  He is now a ward missionary and works with us all the time.  He also speaks fluent portugese french spanish and english.  Mike you da mvp

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