Wednesday, December 17, 2014

week 21

Wow this week was nuts!

District conference is over skype here because the district consist of Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, and St Martin.  Saturday night was a fireside and the mission president, President Mehr was speaking at it.  He stands up, looks at the web cam and says Guyana you have a right to know the mission is splitting.  The West Indies mission will no longer exist in July of 2015.  There will now be the Trinidad port of Spain mission which is Trinidad and Tobago, English Guyana, and Suriname.  Then the Barbados mission which is all the islands already in the mission and French Guiana.  The change really has no effect on me since all the French side stays together but none the less...  The West Indies mission call is now going extinct!

Now a horror story for your week: 

Right now is the rainy season here in Guyana.  Friday it was dumping rain like I have never seen before and without any sign of stopping.  Even with all the rain, we threw on our big jackets and headed out the door.  During a lesson that day, I noticed all these bugs flying around.  I thought it was just our investigators house. But when we left the real horror was revealed...  When it rains for a long period of time it causes the termites here to evolve. I am not sure of the science behind it, but the locals explain the horror that way. The termites grow wings.  And take flight.  No exaggeration MILLIONS.  So as I was looking into the sky, it literally looked like it was snowing flies... It was awful.  I rode my bike with my mouth shut and head down.  If i looked up i would get a face full of bugs.  So yes, the apocalypse is coming because the bugs rule the sky.  And than just as quickly as they appeared they all die.  Weirdest thing I have ever seen.

A spiritual moment: 

A little over a month ago i started reading Jesus the Christ.  If you have not read this book I would reccomend it to anyone...LDS or not LDS because it is amazing. The more and more I have learned about the Savior's life the more and more I realize I have no understanding at all about Him.  

The Christmas devotional given last Sunday was also very good. I loved D. Todd Christophersons talk on how Jesus Christ gave up his Godship to be born into the most humble of circumstances, and then to be spat upon and beaten and ultimately killed by the people He came to save.  Something I never understood was that being born of an earthly mother (or a mortal mother) He was subject to all earthly pain.  His Heavenly Father kept him immortal, yet he chose to give it up to feel what we feel and more. His body physcially endured a 40 day fast - the only thing that kept him alive was the fact he was a God.  When he took on the pain and afflictions of the world and he physically endured all of that. The only reason He survived was because of his being the Son of God.  It was not until he laid down his own life that he was able to be killed.  I dont think I will ever be able to comprehend the type of love the Savior has for us.  I don't think I will ever understand the depths of the sacrifice he made for us either, but I can try and begin by expressing my thanks.  What a wonderful time of the year this is - I love it! Please remember what the first gift was and do all you can to share, use, and be thankful for it.

Even though Christmas is around the corner i have a sunburn...

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

my new friend

its monsoon season in cayenne good thing i get to rock this bad boy
happy birthday to my favorite Estfhany (Her name is the French version of Stephanie!) 

Happy happy birthday
District Conference Via Skype

take a nice zoom in and you will see the metropolitan man in his natural habitat.  A speedo

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