Saturday, December 27, 2014

week 22

Joyeux noel!

I have started to realize I write these blog letters with all these thoughts in my head thinking I am going to throw together a master piece.  What comes out is just a vomit of words so I am going to try to do better.

This week was great! We had some of the best missionary work ever in Cayenne this week and it was amazing.  The ward christmas party was last friday and it was for sure a party.  The missionaries did a skit and it was the classic head through the curtain with the other persons arms through the curtain just harrassing the person's face.  First round was make a sandwhich and eat it as fast as you can. It was a race between the missionaries.  Unfortunately, I drew the unlucky card between me and Elder Smith.  Problem is he quickly made the sandwhich squished it into a ball and shoved it all into my mouth.  Agh it was awful, but a good laugh.

We sang songs in French and the missionaries sang some English songs too which the branch really liked.  Then Pere noel came which (as you can see from the picture below) was just a priest with a shaving cream beard. It was a really fun night i dont think i have laughed or sang so loud in my whole life.

With the spirit of the christmas season, we have a time to reflect on past years; Past gifts we have recieved, or things we have done.  In honor of that I am going to list off 5 gifts that I have recieved over the years (not necessarily christmas gifts) that have stuck with me forever.  

Garrett-  Life sucked in a house full of 2 older sisters always shoving me into dresses and making me play with dolls.  I know you can't remember the day but i still do where you first came home and i took you and put you in my bed with me for our first sleepover.  Ever since than you have been a great brother and gift.

Mallory- It is not every day that you have to leave on a mission.  Sitting down in a classroom with other people speaking French and having no idea how you can do this is rough.  Opening your scriptures and finding pictures with notes from your older sister does make it possible.  Thank you for that.

Madison- Though 17 years old I had still not quite found my standing with the church or the Book of Mormon.  seeing one of your idols go on a mission and leave you with the challenge to read the Book of Mormon before you return fixed that for me.  I cant thank you enough for that.

Mom- i dont know if you remember this but I do. You were talking to me about Joesph Smith and that was his calling to restore the church. We talked about how God gives us talents or a calling in this life. I remember sitting there thinking and than asking you what did he give me?  From that day forward you have helped me find what God gave me. And i thank you for that.

Pops-  Last Christmas Madison and I talked for a while about you and then Christmas morning when you read us your list my whole prespective and world sortve flipped.  Everyday of my life you were giving so much and i never could see that.  You have always been a great example to me and im sorry for not always seeing that.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a Joyeux Noel,

Elder Sackley

Pere Noel or just a priest with shaving cream on his face preparing for a boxing match you be the judge
Joyeux Noel!
Morning P day studies at the beach

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