Monday, May 18, 2015

week 43

This weeks later pains me to write: the phone rang Saturday and I picked up:
"This is Elder Sackley in French Guiana"

President Mehr:  "Elder Sackley in french guiana how many other elder sackleys are there out there?  well this is President Mehr in trinidad and tobago.  We're making you zone leader, are you worthy?"

"yes sir"

"Good! You're going to Fort de France Martinique to be with your old friend Elder Belnap good luck love you."

I can't tell you much about fort de france or martinique since I'm not there yet, as I leave Wednesday... so next email i'll explain and talk more about Elder Belnap as well.  All i know is i'll be zone leader and the acting senior couple handling all the money and apartments and boo boos for the missionaries is on the island with us.

But i feel like im cheating on Cayenne by talking about Fort De France.  Gosh dang it i dont want to leave Cayenne! I knew it was probably my turn to get the boot but that doesnt mean i wanted it to happen.  I love this place.  I havent really said many goodbyes that will be today and tomorrow but the ones i have said have killed me.

Oregon will always be home obviously, but Cayenne will be a close second place as I have been here for nearly nine months it feels like I'm leaving my family. i cant eloborate too much because its a joke trying to explain the pit i feel.  the worst song in the english hymn book and one of the best in the french is "God be with you till we meet again".  the reason i say that is in english we just repeat over and over the same words but in french it describes my feelings a lot better.  ill translate the chorus so you get my point a little:

 "Oh what joyful holy hope for those who follow jesus. We will see each other in his presence.  When Death, and despair are no more."

Never wanted to leave this place, but here I go...
Dieu soit avec toi la guyane

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

my big tahitain friend and I on exchanges earlier this week Elder Pollock

you dont want this noise..... second place in the priesthood ping pong tourney Elder Moux and his tahitian moves took me down

leno killing ping pong

mike mastey the realest and cat hunting partner

i hate cats

going to miss my brazillian friends

esthefany takes the heart

family narine one of my favorites

frere narine turns to us as we're walking out the door and says "elders have one last drink with me for old times sake and drank with all the parting missionaries.  (sprite) 

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