Tuesday, May 5, 2015

week 41


ok so the zone leaders went to leadership conference in Trinidad this week so fearless district leader Sackley held down the fort.  It was fun being in charge but i think ill be content just hanging out at district leader.

This week was good,  for many reasons, so I will jot down just a few for you. I am first going to explain Danny the pirate.  He contacted us on the street by saying "which one of you is the older elder".  He is English guyanese and he a pirate of the caribean.  He stowed away on ships to the US throughout his life. It sounded a little off, and I was skeptical at first until he started talking about south bend Indiana and started naming random captials of states.  He is dope.  He says he wants to follow Jesus and then tells us how he stole 100 euros all in the same sentence...We are working on it.

Second, the talent show was crazy.  Like I have never seen anything like this before and I thought the building was going to come down it was bumping so much.  One day videos will help do it justice but i cant send them home.

I'm not going to go into immense detail into the next story because it's not my place to tell, but it's really touched me.  A lady named Soeur Narine lives in our area.  She has gone through a really ugly separation with her husband that I can't really go into too much detail about. The jest of it was that she was thrown out of the home.  Her whole family has gone less active and she bounces from friend's house to friend's house. This women is one of the greatest examples of charity I have ever seen despite all her difficulties.  I sit by her and talk to her every Sunday and every Sunday she tells me how she needs to feed the missionaries and how she wants us to go visit her friends.  She is always smiling and bares testimony every fast sunday of the Savior's love for us.  The other night I was talking to her and she said;

"Elder Sackley I want you to go to my family and get them all back get them to all come back to church."

Some of the people she was asking me to see she was so badly hurt by and yet she held no grudge against them, but was only concerned for them.  We fasted with her Saturday and we're going to go out and get her family back to church this week. Her story and her example have made me reflect a lot this past week.  What a perfect example she is of love.  

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

voodo mask

brazilians with cleats on... futbol is life

we say dont mess with texas in the states but in french guiana dont go anywhere near texas

Danny the pirate teaching me how to fix nets

MC Soeur Doulce held it down for the talent show

check the fresh new scripture case best 15 euros spent

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