Tuesday, April 28, 2015

week 40

We brought the thunder this week. Plain as that. 

There is this old super in shape man that I always see running in cayenne.  He is in incredible shape, and he always wears the same shirt that says "I love the Chaos".  That being said, the two things that I've learned from him is I am going to be a tank when I am an old man and run and do crazy stuff like he does, and two; I already love the chaos.

I think the old man has given me my life motto, because this week was chaos.  Monday night we were riding our bikes home I heard Elder Chidesters bike snap and voila we were stranded.  We dropped his bike off at the shop the next day and became foot soldiers for a good part of the week.  (You think this would slow us down, right?) But let me tell you: it could not slow us down.  

I then woke up Thursday morning with my left eye swollen shut.  I pried it open and figured I seemed to have contracted a good case of the pink eye. Not only that, my eyes were also super sensitive to the sun.  I could not for the life of me keep them open.  So I wore glasses for a good part of the week and in lessons I just taught with my eyes shut. (Try picturing that will you?) It was rough but it didn't stop us, as we fixed five baptismal dates this week and made progress with one of our less active Return Missionary/ Ex branch president.  

We reactivated a women named Suzane earlier this year and these past couple weeks we have been working on starting to teach the rest of her non-member family.  We went over to see Suzane one day and her husband Christiano was outside working on one of their cars.  Suzane has told us time and time again he is not interested and that he does not like the church.  He belongs to a Brazilian church that summons spirits or something wild like that. (Madison side note: yep that's a real thing).  So we went inside and right as we sat down, we told Suzane that we were going to go get her husband and teach him.

I walked outside and talked to him about the car briefly, and then invited him in for the lesson. When we went back inside Suzane's eyes were big and she told me I must have "some courage".  Christiano was really cool and had a lot of questions about the church.  We left him a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon and came back later in the week to an ecstatic Suzane. She just kept saying "he read he read!" We then taught Christiano and their daughter (keep in mind my eyes were swollen shut and all). Turns out he was more receptive then Suzane thought, and we set baptismal dates for both Christiano and for their daughter on the 16th. 

I mean, how can you not love the chaos?

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

me and my boy mike make it mastey

Damarcus got his heart broke and wrote his ballad the wall.... poor damarcus 

Some english guyanese pirate invited us into his crib so we made ourselves at home... featuring my pink eye

When we have FHE we make it count

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