Tuesday, April 7, 2015

week 37


Transfer calls were last saturday so lets get to it....

Saturday morning I woke up in a panic.  I did not want to leave my area! It is safe to say that the entire morning was spent worrying only about transfer calls. Finally, the torture ended the Assistants to the President called.

"Elder sackley how are you?  should we make you wait a little longer for your call?  no?  ok you are staying in Cayenne!  and we're going to make you district leader there, we have a lot of trust in you as a leader love you bye"

It was a quick conversation and I think I initially only thought about how excited I was that I would be staying in this area for another transfer! I love cayenne.  I dont want to leave ever! And then after all that excitement wore off, I started realizing I had been called as a leader as well. I still feel like a baby in the missionary world and the call is deffinatley a humbling one. 

Anyways, so Elder Chidester has been begging me to cut his hair for him.  I really wanted to shave his head because he loves his long hair and hates buzz cuts. We got home this past Saturday night and were dead tired but I decided it was then or never for Chidester to get a haircut. As he was getting into bed half awake I told him that Sunday morning I would cut his hair and we'd both get buzz cuts because it was a new transfer, and I decided we should go Seal Team 6 Super Soldiers. He half consciously agrees and then passes out. 

Of course, the next morning I wasted no time after prayers to go and grab the clippers. He was still only half awake when I sat him down and took out the clippers and cut off his long wave of hair. It took him literally an hour to realize what I did to his hair...and needless to say, he wasn't too happy about it, but it's only hair, and he's all good now.  

General conference was sweet!  We all crowded around a little computer in the church and i will tell you conference is better than super bowl sunday for a missionary.  

I'm excited for a new transfer-we are working with a couple families right now and I am ecstatic to be in cayenne for some more time.  We have big things coming around the corner and now that we're all buzz cutted up Seal Team 6 is taking down Cayenne.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Peace out to the realest gangster Amanda shes taking off to France to do her studies


 Bouillon d'awara  The traditional Guyane dish of Easter dang good

easter lunch

easter dessert!

hazing at its finest

Going full west indian on em chop chop

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