Wednesday, April 22, 2015

week 39


My first born child in the wilderness Elder Chidester had his 12th birthday he's getting the aaronic priesthood soon; it was precious.  No just kidding, he turned 19 on Thursday.  I made him pancakes and treated him to some West indian pizza for lunch but besides that it was just another day on the job.

As district leader I get to teach district meeting every Tuesday. Which means there is a solid hour long lesson I have to teach about which ever topic I feel most fitting to help my district.

Last week I taught about finding and teaching.  And more specifically finding and teaching the well off.

Our Branch President approached us this past week and told us he needs us to start finding families with cars. That might sound funny, but the branch here is an averaging  80-90 people every Sunday and it's made up of primarily singles or part families. There are about five whole families that hold the place together, and the branch president told us to go find a new generation.  

This means we are going into the nicer neighorhoods finding and teaching the more well off.  I know in the US we say the rich are prideful but believe me when I say you've never seen pride until you have talked to a french man in a nice house with a pool who is living in a country full of people he believes are inferior to him. So far i've learned that talking to the wealthy takes persistency, guts, and a little bit of charm...

Other things I have learned? Rich people have big dogs. I now am afraid of big dogs, however, if I ride my bike fast enough I can get away from big dogs. Also, if I tell someone I have something and hold out a pass along card for them they will leave their luxurious hammock and come see what it is just out of human curiosity. Another win? If i can get a man to laugh i can get a rendezvous (lesson with them).  Also pretty much every part of contacting a rich person is mental. It's all a mental game, you've just got to believe you can. 

Its no secret missionaries avoid the nice neighborhoods regardless of where in the world they are.  It's a stereotype that has been proven that we all avoid the uber rich.  We can find and teach if we stick to slums or apartments, but the true expansion will be found on the backs of families. Wish these metropolitans (wealthy people)  luck this week, as they're going to need it- we're bringing the thunder this week

Elder Logan Robert Sackley 

best believe i can cook pizza west indian style
i had to break into the zone leaders apartment because they lock the keys out so i scaled the wall and made it rain

Your going to have to build a bigger gate 

Service service

happy birthday to this dingis Elder Chidester. hes 15

got him some birthday cake

brown ocean how i love you

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