Saturday, October 10, 2015

week 61

yes folks yes folks

boooo Elder sackley no pictures again.  i even have picture to send but the computer is being weird so booo martinique right? no ok

Wow i feel like commentating on conference is unecessarry that was incredible.  Did anyone else watch the Q and A with the three new apostles?  I think it was a real testimony of this being the lords church and not a popularity contest or who we felt would be the cool or the "best" .  Watch the Q and A its great

I was writing dad earlier and trying to express to you all how it feels to be a missionary or write about a week or a day in what we do is impossible so ill just share the highlight or at least one of them.
So our investigator simeon the lawyer now working on his doctorate we had a break through.  We taught a really good restoration lesson you cannot beat the feeling of teaching a good first vision lesson the spirit fills the room.  So last week we taught  a really good restoration lesson.  At the end he said this is the only church for me but i dont feel like i need to be baptized again.  So the night before his lesson this past week i was praying for guidance and help i didnt know what to do.   the word FAST came to my head.  so at 10h25 at night i started a fast.  Next morning i woke up and we headed out the door at 8h for our first rendezvous.  Of course bus wasnt running so we walked three miles into town.  My companion was real hungry and thirsty understandibly and since i never had time to warn him he ate some boulangerie and i continued my fast.

Even with the sun and the walking all i could think about was this lesson it felt like i was about to fight mike tyson or something for the first time in a while i was a little nervous and excited for a lesson.  the whole lesson was spent in 3 nephi 11.  We analyzed every scripture and than it happened.

Simeon just looked at us and said "Elders you know i havent stopped thinking about what you have taught me.  I feel something so deeply for your church and i dont believe the pastor who baptized me had the authority or was even called of God.  i know this is the church for me."

My mouth just about hit the floor.  my goodness it felt like i had just gotten an anwser that the message was true too i was so happy i wanted to just bear tackle this man to the ground.  Keep simeon in your prayers this next week were hoping he can take the step in the next couple weeks.

elder logan robert sackley  

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