Monday, October 12, 2015

week 62


hey i got pictures up this week so no one can be mad-but that also means my report for the week is going to be a bit short. So this week was poopy doopy.  i dont know if i should talk like that by this point in the mission but anyhow that's just how it was. 

Monday was spent getting all my papers ready for legilization and tuesday was spent getting me legalized. Which meant we spent no time whatsoever in our area for two days, which really handicapped us as well as the fact we had to walk or take buses everywhere. Basically we have a ton of stuff to do and it takes forever to get anywhere.  Then Friday was spent preparing younger missionaries for their 1st year legalization and balancing the petty cash that we handle as acting senior companionship (so yet again another day not spent working in our area). 

We thought we had balanced all the money out and we were home free for the next month or so, but than we get a call from president explaining that they would reopen and open a few new areas in the next transfer, meaning we have to start all over again and buy another two apartments. 

After this week, I've realized I would kill just to proselyte for an entire week.  But the show will go on I guess!  Simeon is doing real well, he comes to church every week and he is always looking slick in a suit. He still has stuff to work through but he accepted a date for the 24th to be baptized, which is really exciting. Please pray for him. 

As for me i am now legal in france and i got a sweet ID card coming in the mail.  Along with the ID, I will probably also be proven legally insane with all of this senior companion stuff going on that we have to deal with. But we're going to keep marching on!  

Elder Logan Robert Sackley 

home made security systems

elder okano loved conference

only girl for me

my tahitain brother elder nephi noho

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