Monday, September 28, 2015

week 60

Well i just bought a camera so sorry again

Wow you can never get just a normal week of work out here.  So tuesday was district meeting so our church is actaully just an upstairs room in an industrial zone.  so i parked my car in the zone like usual and it started raining HARD.  nothing new though so we go to district meeting.  the parking lot got flooded but the cruze got out just fine.

Later in the day i had to come back for a skype meeting.  so we drove in and the zone was bone dry again.  parked the car.  and went to the meeting.  We came back out and hour later and the zone is flooded up to knee deep in water.  and poopy doopy the car got flooded bad.  I got in the car and drove it out of the water but 15 minutes later she gave up the ghost.  tow truck had to come and take her away.  like what the hack martinique just wrecked our car so now were on foot.  were averaging about 10 miles a day in the sun so im slimming down real fast ahaha.  

i have now had my window bashed in, two tires blow out, and my car flood since i became a driver.  i think its time for me to be released of my driver duties.

In other news our best investigator right now would have to be a man named simeon.  Hes been coming to church for about 3 months and he said to us he is no longer intrested in searching for any other church he has found his. meaning our church!  hes a lawyer he just got his masters and is starting a doctorate program so hes a champ. 10 points for griffindor.  hope youre all ready for SUPER SATURDAYSUNDAY best time of the year.  Bets on Elder Dube as apostle. 

Elder logan Robert sackley

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