Monday, September 28, 2015

week 59

well no pictures this week... my camera has given up the ghost

so ill probably buy one today if not next week but yeah sad day no pictures.  But good week!  Fort de France is going to split!

Since i have come up to Martinique it really hasnt made sense why one companionship covers all of fort de France.  It is HUGE and we can barely cover a fraction of it.  So since i got here elder belnap and I talked about how it would be better splitting fort de France.  So when president herrington visited Martinique a month or two ago i was with him in the car for a while and expressed what i felt was best for the zone in moving more people to fort de France.  I didnt get a whole lot of feed back but i put it out on the table.

Than when i went to Barbados he sat me and my comp down and asked us if he gave us 3 more companionships on Martinique where we would put them.  Elder okano was still new to the area so i let the charge.  all three of them in fort de France.  The Church is trying to centralize its efforts around its buildings.  So if people dont have cars they can walk to Church or bus at least.  So this week i got a call from president herrington and he said Elder sackley were splitting fort de France.  Make a new area but dont split fort de France in half were planning on putting more people there so make the area like a quarter of fort de France.  

I havent picked the name yet because i feel like the name has to be super fly and i cant make up my mind but its the Hood ahahha man its such a Hood area i love it.  i wish i was opening it its going to be ridiculous its right next to the Church.  so come tomorrow Elder chidester my old comp and first born in the wilderness is moving into our apartment  and training an Elder from the MTC that had no french training in the MTC.  im calling it project fort de France were pilling the missionaries in here its going to be sweet!

so will live four missionaries in our apartment till our lazy senior couple buys an apartment for the other missionaries.  ahhaah oh wait thats me.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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