Thursday, September 3, 2015

week 56

I dont know how much time i have so will see where this goes

One of the biggest succsess i have seen as a missionary is in teaching people who they are in the eyes of God.  Meaning investigators, missionaries, members, and myself.  Its not a secret that the people here sometimes get down because of lack of succsess.  Im going to pull an example
we have an investigator named kevin hes 22 he learned english from video games and he actually speaks pretty well.  First day we met him he said look guys will talk but its only so i can practice english.  This week we gave him a call and he told us things were not going well so we went over to his house.  It felt like i was talking to a buddy back home he just vented to me for about 10 mintues about life.  Theres moments in the mission where you just hit a moment of clarity kevin didnt really seem like an investigator to me in this moment as much as just a friend that had a bad week.
So i sat there using scriptures and doctirine to back me i taught kevin how great he is in the sight of god.  How important he is to the being who created everything.  Like i said the first day we met him he said as we left it was just to learn more english.  This time when we left he said you know Sackley if i get my answer im going to join you guys.  Helping him understand his valeur made all the difference.
Something i have been trying to do is express to the members how important they are.  In doing so i help them take a step back and look where they are and who they are.
you live on martinique a little island in the middle of the ocean.
You are one of 70 active members on an island of 300 000.
Before this life God chose you.  YOU because he knew that YOU could build the church here.  God doesnt call people to fail hes called you to make this place explode.
Ive been doing this for the past couple weeks and it finally clicked this week.  We had a wave of 11 member refferals and i feel like we have just scratched the surface.  Were going to take our little band of 70 and take down the 300 000 because they were called and picked before this life to do so. 
In other news im going to hope on a plane tomorrow with my comp elder okano to go to barbados for a MLC.  (Mission Leadership Council) MLCs are held once a month by skype and starting now every 3 months by plane rides into barbados.  Should be pretty cool Elder Cornish of the 70 is going to be there so should be a party.
thats a big throw up of all my thoughts for the week
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

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