Thursday, September 3, 2015

week 55

well ladies and gentlemen its been almost one year since i left the states

and finally luck caught me

we were robbed.

Id love to send pictures showing everything but wow these computers are slow.  anyhow.  As zone leader on Martinique we are also the Senior couple so this past wednesday we were in town at 14h paying a bill at the post.  Since were senior couple the mission shuffles extra money to us called petty cash so we can take car of all bills and affaris for the island.  So we park our car in the Middle of town. Go to the post come back and two Windows are bashed in.  We had a box in the back of the car with petty cash luckily a small amount and elder okanos bag are gone.  

It was a pretty weird experience.  My wallet was in the car but somehow the robbers didnt see it and just swiped the box and Elder Okanos bag.  No one on the street saw anything , probably a lie.  So i went down to the police station got yanked up into a police office and filed a report.  It was one of those moments where i said to myself how in the world did i end up here.  Missionary on a little french island getting robbed and explaining it to some french man.  It was a weird experience all of it.  We did a day of cyrain wrap Windows and than made temporary plexi glass Windows which actually are really impressive.  new Windows have to be ordered will get them in 2 weeks.

In other news i fly to Barbados sept 2 for a mission leadership conference so that should be fun.  

sometimes giving service to people can be harder than you, what did i sign up for?! 

Robbers can steal my petty cash box but not my heart ahahha 

little asian man fixed my car ahahah Elder okano is a good comp

Goodbye Elder Ehlert

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