Tuesday, September 8, 2015

week 57


Some weeks just are different then others here on the mission. This week was way different, as it was Mission Leadership Council week. 

You just can't beat the feeling of getting on planes to go to leadership councils or zone conferences. So i jumped on a plane Tuesday morning and got to Barbados at 12. I will just say to everyone who doesn't know anything about the islands; go to martinique before barbados.  Barbados looks like a piece of texas got dropped into the ocean.. As in it is just brown brown brown with beautiful white beaches. I guess all I am trying to say is that Martinique is way prettier.  

So we went to the mission office and they had real carpet (!!!) so i just sat on the ground the whole time and enjoyed the fact that something looked like home.  President Herrington sat me and elder okano down and talked about what to do with martinique since elder okano is still new on martinique and i was previously leading the charge for everything.  I suggested to split fort de france into a billion pieces and centralize all the missionaries around the chapel, and somehow President thought my idea was good ?  So it looks like not this coming transfer call but the next one Elder Okano and I will split but both be zone leaders and will train new missionaries, and we are looking forward to it! It should be sweet.

The MLC itself was super cool Elder Cornish of the Seventy was there.  In my luck i was called on to give a talk infront of the entire Mission Council, but it ended up being pretty okay, and definitely one of the most edifying days of my mission.

After the MLC the assistants and the Turner's, (a senior couple, ) hung out with us for the rest of the day.  We just lounged at the beach and ate at a grill place right next to the beach.  so you could say it was a succsesful MLC.  

In terms of missionary work we still managed to get 8 people to come with us to church including the Espagna family of 5.  We're starting to really sink our teeth into them so keep praying for them!  (Figuratively obviously. Missionaries are not vampires). 

go barbados mission go!

Elder Logan robert sackley
so how was your week?
there is no such thing as a normal house in barbados its either a shack or rihannas house so we got a mansion mission home

LOOK THERES CARPET mission office chem dry for life

island hopper to MLC

Mission council squad

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