Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 95

June 6, 016

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

I was pretty sad when i got wind that ALI died.  So i have been quoting him all week.  It doesn't translate as well in french and no one understands the reference.  It's more for me i guess.
So i didn't write a blog last week but i have a new comp!  His name is Elder Crapo from Utah.  So officially there are 3 elders in all of french side who have never had a tahitain companion.  I'm the only one over my year mark and it being my last full transfer i think i will go undefeated against the tahitians.  Still not certain if i'm happy or sad. Anyhow, my new comp has been out about 10 months.

So a couple of weeks ago i quoted a DC scripture and than Dad gave me the challenge to memorize DC 121: 33-46. I have it down in english now and i'm going to memorize it in french too. 
Things have been really hard lately.  To be honest, it's been a real challenge.  The group is doing good but just missionary work in general has been tough trying to find effective things to do.  We're getting creative though or at least somewhat using our brains right now.  We set up a table on the board walk with a BOM and some pamphlets on it.  Than a white board behind and we kept changing what it said like "what makes you happy?" etc.  It was good fun but we didn't see fruits from it in the moment.  A couple days later, during some contacts people said "oh yeah i saw you on the board walk the other day" bof (whatever) will see if it goes anywhere.
So what i'm saying is send me some good creative proselyting ideas. 
i'm desperate

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

finally got a pic of Darius' baptism!

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