Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 97


ok the worst news of the week followed by the best

So effective today in the Caribbean area, so not just my mission but all Caribbean missions, beaches have been outlawed.  No more beach p days no more anything on the beach.  When i got news i was like "what the heck!!!! nooooooo" and i was mad for like 5 seconds and than just started laughing at my companion.  "i have had 15 and a half transfers of beaches i can live with a transfer of no beaches but you have over a year of this!"  It was a low blow totally mean and hilarious.  Anyhow. Only way we're allowed to touch the ocean/beach is if were baptizing so will just have to do that instead.

Best news of the week probably since i got to martinique...

President Herrington and Sister Herrington were here with us for P day.  So president was walking with me and told me that he told the branch president and Frere Lagrand (the group leader) to start looking for a bigger building in Trinité!  The building's max capacity is 23 and we're approaching it so it looks like the Trinité group will be around for good!  It was a good feeling and it's motivating to see that the mountain is moving.

Who even needs beaches after news like that?

Elder logan robert sackley 

just some shannigans and elder gardiner

castle ruins for p day

Elder Duplessis, my mission grandson was stopping through Martinique before he returned to French Guiana.  He's a good boy.

And the BOOTHS!  I didn't get to say bye to them on Guadeloupe because they were traveling but they came to Martinique yesterday.  I love them a lot. They're mom and dad away from home.

o trinité u so pretty

making bananes pesé with Lamentin's investigator feat Elder Sharp

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