Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 96


Hmm this week has been a lot better than the past two.  Not because the area has changed a lot, but my perspective has.  I have got two stories.

So we have been trying to be creative in our finding efforts.  So this week we had a whiteboard with "Qui sommes-nous?" written on it just "who are we?" Yeah, we're elders. We're not too creative but the gest was to transition into talking about children of our Heavenly Father or talking about who we are as missionaries just sort of depending on how the reader takes it.  So I'm talking to a guy and than a nice Mercedes rolls up and starts talking to my comp.  

I finished my contact and come up to the door and start talking with the guy as well.  He's got a super nice car, nice clothes on, nice shades, big ol watch and just a nice grin.  He introduces himself as an evangelist pasture and hops out of the car.  

He's from Africa and he starts explaining as disciples of Jesus Christ, how we must preach and no joke just goes off about how we can in a sense "convince" or "sway" people to believe.  He's pulling out all the stops showing us how to use our hands and how we must yell and shout. It was unreal.  It was really more comical until the thought "2 Nephi 28 3-4" came to my head.  It's a verse about preaching or teaching to edify oneself.  I thought I do not want to set off angry pasture right now. I'm not looking to pick a fight.  But the thought wouldn't leave.  So I opened up and start reading and bore testimony that the only thing that matters is the Holy Ghost and no amount of yelling or hand gestures can bring its presence.  

He paused for a second and agreed, backed off a bit and agreed to let us come on his television preaching program.  We're still undecided about that though ahaha.  

Second part is I was reading in Alma 38:3-5.  It's Alma talking to Shiblon explaining how proud of him he is for being diligent and faithful even when things were hard.  And I thought about that a lot this week.  There have been parts of my mission where I knew Heavenly Father was proud of me for a baptism, a lesson etc.  But this scripture shows how proud a father is of a son for remaining faithful when things weren't going well.  

And I guess thats a bit of my motivation. Things haven't been easy at all lately.  I have been really stressed and just having a hard time in general. Maybe the hardest time of my mission. But I know that if I remain diligent, if I remain faithful that that will be something far more precious for my Father in Heaven, something He will be really proud of. 

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

voici Elder Crapo

Give it here Malfoy or I'll knock you off your broom!

beach volleyball this morning for p day

the martinique boys climbing on the slavery statues

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