Thursday, July 14, 2016

Week 100!

The extension has begun!

My final transfer call of the mission came yesterday.  It came from the new AP who just so happens to be my mission child Elder Chidester ahaha.  That was pretty weird getting a call from him.  He actually called me on Friday right after he had gotten the call from president, "Elder Sackley, I'm AP. President told me not to tell anyone but i wanted you to know first!" He's a goofball and I'm glad he will be the one to drop me off at the airport.

So my last transfer call i will fight out my days in Trinité with Elder Crapo and Elder Osorio will be joining us! I'm really pumped. He's a really good elder. He came out last September and works hard.  He may be the closest thing i have had to a foreign comp. He was born in the US but lived only three years total there. I think he has lived in Columbia, Belgium and India so I'm counting him as my foreign comp.  

This week was really really good!  We have been doing big district activites where we go into one area and go finding with all the missionaries for a couple hours.  So this last week it was Trinités turn so we fasted and prayed last week about where we wanted to go, than Friday we fasted again with all the missionaries and the family Lagrand that we might find the elect.  

Mallory talked to me about making this week's focus "The one," so the prayer in my heart was that with all the missionaries we could find "the one(s)" the Lord had prepared.  Frere Lagrand, his daughter, Sr Marcelin, and Sr Delise all came out with us with two other companionships.  We were really grateful. Frere Lagrand was sick but he was determined to work hard with us and refused to stay home.  We got a lot of names and people to see but one companionship fell upon a miracle.

They contacted a house and a lady came out. They started a conversation and told her they were sharing "The Book of Mormon" with everyone in the neighborhood.  She yelped and said she had just received this book from her son who is a Mormon and lives in France and that her other son took it because he wanted to read it and how she was really anxious to get it back and boom elders appear with another for her.  She was estatic and we're going to see her this week!  

I also have decided I'm only going to wear one white shirt for the rest of my mission. It's going to be called "the extension shirt." Hurrah!

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

4th of July!

Elder Sharp on the grill!

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