Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 99


Happy Independance Day!  We bought a grill and are going to start grilling later today and singing the national anthem at the top of our lungs so America will be celebrated on Martinique as well. Unfortunately no fire works though.  Lets see what is there to tell about the week...

We had 18 again yesterday in Trintié retying the record for most people at church.  Its been a knuckle grinding experience just trying to push the group up the hill but there are some really inspired great members here that are doing a good job.  

I restarted the BOM again with the question "how do i increase my priesthood power" stemming off of President Nelson's general conference talk.  It's hard to describe the why for this subject but i felt very impressed to do so.  Most stories i have for this week aren't really fit for an email or a blog letter, but i thought a lot about what i saw 3 years ago at a Camp Helaman.

It was the parable of the Twinkie, watching as a leader asked each boy if he wanted a Twinkie and after each reply whether yes or no, made a boy on the stage before us do 10 push ups so we could have the Twinkie we did or didn't want.  Watching as this boy crumbled and shook underneath the pushups taught me a lesson that i have never forgotten.  The gift of the atonement is given to all of us.  And the better part of us push it aside.  May we not only accept this gift, but help our friends, family and neighbor do the same.

Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Painting service project

The exotic wildlife of Martinique

This is how you know the Martiniquas are prideful. They are claiming they are now the king of the burger, not America.

Beausejour Trintié ayooo!

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