So we had a rundown with the police here a couple weeks ago.  My whole mission i have driven with an american license with no problems.  Until last week when we got pulled over at a Gendarme stop. They do them fairly often because a lot of people roll with insurance and without permis.  So they stopped us and not only did they say my comps license was not valid in france we also had no proof of insurance. After a lot of talking and arguing they made us pull over and made a couple calls. We got off scott clean but vowed not to drive again till we got both things figured out.

So we had my comps license translated during a couple days and we were without a car.  I taught Elder Brimhall the art of getting stops.  Hitchhiking at its finest.  We stopped a semi one day and got a ride across the island, indian van, hatian man in the boonies the whole 9 yards.  Its how i plan on getting around everywhere for the rest of my life.
changing gears
WE HAD 18 PEOPLE AT CHURCH!!!!!!!  I know that seems like a small number but the whole time i was on martinique the trinité group would get 10 or 11 at best and sometimes would sink into single digits.  My companion said the most they had ever had was 16 and thats when there were 3 missionaries serving in the group.  So we broke the record this past week!   Like it was HUGE.  The ultimate goal is to break and average in the 20s.  We need to reactivate one more priesthood holder to make it into a branch and we're going the distance!  I'm really enjoying trinité.

We have a super cool investigator named Olivier.  We found him the past week. He's actually a member referal and is metropolitan.  When he came to church on sunday everyone was shocked half because no investigators ever come to church in trinité and the other half because no white people here even bother with God.  None the less Olivier is marching his way to baptism.  He asked me after church if he could come back next week.  Keep him in your prayers and that we can break the 20s soon and make the group into a branch!  Things are picking up fast its going great.
Elder Logan Robert Sackley

Life motto - missionaries learning second languages ... you were so close

We had been biking all day in the rain soaked to the bone so a sweet old member dried me off for like 20 minutes

Me and my boy precaution.  RASTA MAN.