Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 92


No update on the group progress because President Otto, the district president, came this past Sunday and since technically we're apart of the FDF branch, we had to go to FDF church and lots of members don't have cars and didn't come from Trinité.  But will be back at it this next week.

Things are going slowly in Trintié.  It's really hard, to be honest. It's always been the big challenge to find effective things to do between 12-5 because everyone is either working, napping, drinking, or naked on the beach.  We have been working hard all day.  

Since I have gotten here, we probably contact at least 5 hours a day and in the first three weeks we got three new investigators.  Which was a blessing but not the fire we need to make a group into a branch.  This past week things started to click.  We got 7 new amis which was huge.

Since the area didn't have the most 'diligent' missionaries the past couple transfers before, there really has been no teaching pool since I have gotten here.  I don't have any particular stories to share, but we're battling our way back up.

I wish I had more stories to share, but what happened this week will just be better in a different setting.

I love you all.

elder logan robert sackley

ahhh p day in Martinique never looked so good

more p-day fun

showed my comp how to make a sweet bannane and bannane pesé  - this right here is how you get fat

i took second place in a branch activity on Martinique trivia... they weren't happy

teaching in a bar - we got in a chant off between us saying WATER and them saying BEER and than we all ended up chanting MORMON MORMON MORMON together

random pic barrage

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