Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 93


This week was tough i dont feel like highlighting much except one story.  

DC 121:38 Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God.

One of our biggest successes in the recent week was getting new investigators, one of which was named Madeline. She was a Catholic meaning she read Psalms ocassionaly and prayed to Mary when things got rough.  We discovered a huge upside with Madeline when she told us she was good friends with a slightly active St. Lucian lady named Sr Anthony in the group.

So we arranged a lesson with the two of them and the son of Madeline.  We had role played with 
Soeur Anthony before she was ready and we were excited.  The lesson started and immediately creole began to fly all over the place.  Madeline was upset about something and Sr Anthony was even more upset.  Elder Brimhall looked at me for some translation but i was lost.  Ten minutes later, Sr Anthony stands up and says "elders push in your chairs we will not stay here!"

Now I'm mad.  Sr Anthony storms out and i follow her out half confused, half angry. She just dropped our investigator and I'm mad at the way she acted in front of her as well.  So i asked why she did that.

Sr Anthony has a son named Marclin.  Marclin was baptized a couple years ago and after some misconduct was excommunicated from the church.  I have talked to him a bunch.He's friendly. He even gave us a ride a week ago.  But Marclin had apparently heard we were teaching this lady and went over to her house a day before and told her his excommunication story and just loaded her up with anti Mormon materials.


So for the next couple days I'm just hunting for Marclin.   Yesterday we finally crossed paths and i just bluntly asked what was going on and why he was acting like this.  He just shrugged me off and denied it all.  There is not much resolution to this letter other than my testimony that the island can be filled with all the anti, all the winds and storms the devil can conjure up - no matter what, the work of salvation shall go on and Trinit√© will keep moving forward.

elder logan robert sackley

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